Terry Lascola's Welcome Home Realty Group: What Does a Buyers Agent Do?

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Welcome Home Realty Group

What Does a Buyers Agent Do?

In short, a Buyer Agent’s job is to determine your needs, assist you in your search, and manage the transaction for you.

Your Buyer Agent works full-time, all the time, to find the home of your expectations. As your Buyers Agent, I am here to help you find your way home with the least amount of stress possible.

  • Locate suitable properties
  • Preview properties
  • Verify the properties’ condition
  • Suggest necessary inspections by experts
  • Help buyers determine affordability
  • Verify property tax, Home Owner’s Association and neighborhood information
  • Verify the property’s value
  • Advise the buyer on structuring the contract offer
  • Present the contract offer to the sellers’ representative
  • Negotiate favorable contract terms for the buyer
  • Assist in finding qualified home inspectors and settlement companies
  • Negotiate acceptable terms per the results of the home inspections
  • Explain legal documents needed for closing
  • Assist in securing financing
  • Analyze the future marketability of the property
  • Assist the buyer in future home improvements and real estate related issues

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